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Bringing Imagination to Form since 1995

Rapid Prototyping

CNC Machining

3D Printing

Vacuum forming

Professional Paint

What We Offer

  • Our shop currently houses 27 state of the art CNC machines, plus other equipment, which allows us to work on many projects simultaneously.

  • The vacuum form machines can form up to a 30” x 36” part. We can make the tool in-house to save time and money. We will make 1 to 10 parts, OR do a short run production.

  • Our mold department can cast your part in many types of urethanes, and can match any color. Our clear material is water clear and not yellow. We can achieve a part that would be rotationally or blow molded in production…need a seamless bottle?

  • Our finishing department is second to none…we can custom match any color, texture or finish. Send us a chip, or come visit and wait while we develop the sample on the spot.

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